Rajeev Ranjan Dwivedi

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I am Rajeev, a PhD student in the Data Science and Engineering Department at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research - Bhopal (IISER-B) . I completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the Central University of Rajasthan in Statistics with a minor in Economics, Computer Science and Mathematics. For my Master’s project, I was very fortunate to be advised by Dr Deepesh Bhati, who introduced me to the problems in Distribution Theory and developing distribution with specific properties. I was introduced to NLP and Semantic Web Application by Dr Sarika Jain at NIT-Kurushetra. Currently I am working under Dr. Vinod Kr. Kurmi in VisDom Lab.

My primary research interests include topics in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, with the current focus being on Bias-Free Learning and Transfer Learning in Computer Vision. I am also contributing to projects related to Domain Adaptation and Segementaion challenges. I am also exploring Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models.

I have gained skills in statistical research & implementation, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and NLP through various courses, projects, internships and summer programs. Apart from this, I am highly invested in Economics, specifically in the Power of Microfinance, Poverty Alleviation through micro-financing, and Environmental Information Disclosure (EID). .

I like to read books on Business and Economics in my free time and watch movies sometimes! I also enjoy cooking, and I usually cannot stop talking about South Indian Cuisine. Let’s get coffee if you are somewhere near! We can talk about tech, data, startups or anything of mutual interest. We’ll both probably learn something new in the process, and that’s fun.

news (older)

December 2023 Started Internship at Sony AI .
December 2023 Selected for poster presentation and awarded Student Grant at IndoML'23 , IIT Bombay.
July 2023 Will be attending CVIT 7th Summer School at IIIT - Hyderabad and Workshop on Synergizing Healthcare Services and Affective Computing at IIT Indore.
December 2022 Selected for ACM India Anveshan Setu Fellowship and will work with Dr. Vineeth N Balasubramanian.

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